Willis, Beverly A.

Beverly Willis, FAIA–architect, artist, author, activist/ philanthropist–retired from architectural practice in 1988. Willis began her prolific career in 1954 in Hawaii as a painter and multi-media artist. By 1958, when she moved to San Francisco, she expanded her repertoire to include industrial and architectural design. Architecture increasingly took over her work, and by 1966 Willis had obtained her architectural license, and a decade later was running the 35-person firm, Willis and Associates, Inc. Architects. For Willis, architectural practice has always embraced multiple approaches: whether designing residential or civic structures, pioneering adaptive re-use to revitalize downtown commercial zones, or innovating technology-driven land use planning. Her most famous building is the San Francisco Ballet Building in the City Civic Center. In the 1970s, Willis complemented her architectural practice with professional organizational leadership– often holding positions never before held by a woman. In 1979 Willis served as President of the California Council of American Institute of Architects, which governs 22 California chapters that include San Francisco and Los Angeles. Willis also held leadership roles on the national level such as serving on the US delegation to the United Nations Conference on Habitat I in 1975, as well as serving on the executive committee of the National Academy of Science”s Board on Infrastructure and Constructed Environment, or chairing the Federal Facility Council. In 1975. Willis was a founding trustee of the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., a position she still holds. In 2002, she founded the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, http://www.bwaf.org/about.html. Her work and extended biography cn be viewed at http://www.BeverlyWillis.com

Firm size: 35

Major Buildings and Projects

  • San Francisco Ballet Association Building, Civic Center, San Francisco, California
  • Yerba Buena Gardens 24 acres Master Plan 1980-1984 Downtown San Francisco (partially realized)
  • Manhattan Village Academy High School, New York, NY
  • Nob Hill Court Condominiums, San Francisco, CA
  • Union Street Stores, San Francisco CA
  • CARLA (Computerized Approach to Residential Land Analysis) software written in-house 1971
San Francisco Ballet Association, 1982 Photo courtesy of beverlywilis.com
Press and Awards

Books Authored

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  • Willis, Beverly, Invisible Images: The Silent Language of Architecture. Washington, D.C. National Building Museum, 1997.
  • Miller, Iris and Robert A. Bosser, ed. Visions and Reflections on Utopia and Reality. Washington, D.C.: American Institute of Architects, 1991.
  • Willis Chapter: “If It”s Tuesday, It Must be Singapore”
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  • Willis Chapter: “The Environmental System Decision-Making Process”
  • Willis, Beverly, ed. The Architect and the Shelter Industry. Washington, D.C.: The American Institute of Architects, 1975. (All chapters (except 5 and 6) authored by Beverly Willis)
  • Golemon, Harry A., ed. Financing Real Estate Development. New Jersey: Aloray, 1974.
  • Chapter 9: Computerized Financial Analysis Co-Authored by: Dr. Ronald S. Graybeal and Beverly Willis

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Projects Published

Fouque, Antoinette, Ed., “Les Editions des Femmes,” to be published in 2011.

2001 – 2003 Co-founded and directed Rebuild Downtown Our Town (R.Dot) – articles which referenced R.Dot, ARI, and Beverly Willis were published in many newspapers and magazines such as Architectural Record, Associated Press, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Observer, Newsday, US New and World Report, national and international television such as CNN, NBC, Voice of America, WB News Fox News, BBC, Irish Broadcasting, Japan TV, Canadian TV, Glasgow Herald and many others

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