Chafee, Judith Davidson

Early life and education Judith Chafee (8/18/1932-11/5/1998) was born in Chicago, the daughter of Dr. Percy Bernard Davidson (1896-1932) and Christina Affeld(1901-1992). When her father died 4 months before her birth, her mother returned from Boston to her hometown, Chicago. While still an infant, Judith’s mother married Dr. Benson Bloom, and they moved to Tucson Arizona,where Judith … Read more Chafee, Judith Davidson

Barney, Carol Ross

Early life and Education Carol Ross Barney lived in Illinois and graduated University of Illinois with B.A in Architecture in 1971, Fellow of Architecture, 1982-83. Career in Architecture Barney worked as draft person and a lead designer at Holabird and Root. Her assignments included well-known buildings like the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center and historic train … Read more Barney, Carol Ross

Alden, N. Sue

Early life and Education Sue Alden graduated with B.A. in Architecture from University of Washington, Seattle in 1951. Career in Architecture Alden specialized in the development and incorporation of building codes into design at a time when few were knowledgeable about codes. Her experience as a project architect and manager with NBBJ, Seattle for live performance … Read more Alden, N. Sue

Blake-Drucker, Bonnie

Early Life and Education Bonnie Blake Drucker attended the University of California at Berkeley and received her Masters in Architecture in 1976; Drucker also received her Master of Science in Research Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. Career in Architecture Over a time-span of only twenty years, Drucker has established herself as an experienced designer … Read more Blake-Drucker, Bonnie