About the archive

The Dynamic National Archive (DNA) of Women in American Architecture

The DNA is a publicly accessible, digital, open-source archive, which documents the work of women architects and designers who have contributed to the places and spaces of the United States.

The archive also links to the Pioneering Women of 20th-Century American Architecture, which documents the legacies of historically significant women architects and designers born before 1940 who played key roles in creating the American built environment between 1880 and 1980.


The success of this database relies on the input of information provided by institutions, educators, and individuals. Data is self-regulated by participants, with moderation and review of entries by staff. If you are the architect described by an entry and you would like to have your profile removed from the database, please write to research@bwaf.org.

Educators are encouraged to develop classes using and adding to the website.


The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation would like to thank initial participants and supporters:

  • Experiential Technologies Center, UCLA, Diane Favro, Director
  • Department of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA
  • The American Institute of Architects, Office of Archives and Records, Nancy Hadley, Archivist

Contact us

Send questions or comments by email to research@bwaf.org.