Arnold, Ada Isabelle

Ada Isabelle Arnold

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  • Tulane University, 1923

Years of practice

1923–1945 (estimated)


  • Ada Arnold Langridge. Office: 215 Lake Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana.
  • William T. Nolan, Canal-Commercial Bldg, 1926

Major projects

  • J.C. Ellis High School, Gretna, Louisiana.




Early life and education

Ada Isabelle Arnold graduated from Tulane University in 1923. She married Frank Harry Langridge in 1926.

Career in Architecture

Practiced architecture in New Orleans under the name Ada Arnold from 1923-1926; then as Ada Arnold Langridge from 1926-1939. She also practiced in Metairie, Louisiana.

Major Buildings and Projects

J.C. Ellis High School (Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana).

Gretna Elementary School (Jefferson Parish, Louisiana).

Institutional Affiliations

She joined the Louisiana Architects Association in 1926 and served as the organization’s treasurer.