Brown, Larissa

Larissa Brown

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  • University of Virginia
  • Tufts University
  • Princeton University
  • Conway School of Landscape Design

Years of practice

1994– (estimated)


  • Goody Clancy, Director of Community Planning
  • Community Design Partnership, Principal


Boston, Massachusetts


Career in Architecture

Larissa Brown PhD, AICP provides leadership and management for public and private clients in a broad range of communities, including city comprehensive and strategic plans, visioning, neighborhood and downtown revitalization plans, and open space plans. She has served as chief planner for a regional council of governments and as director of community planning for a municipal government, and is a founding member of the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance, a statewide smart growth advocacy collaborative. Her experience on all sides of the planning process and with a range of community types – urban, suburban and exurban – informs her understanding of community building and smart growth.