Byles, Carrie

Carrie Byles

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  • Washington State University


  • SOM


California, SOM, San Francisco


Carrie Byles is a director based in SOM’s San Francisco office.  Byles studies at Washington State University and has more than 26 years of diverse experience in design, technology, and management, with special emphasis on projects with complex programmatic and technological requirements.

With her background in both architecture and digital design, Ms. Byles has a lifelong commitment to understanding how information technology is changing the way we live, and she translates this influence into SOM’s building designs. Examples of these advances can be seen in projects such as the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning and the new Library and Information Technology Center at UC Merced, which achieved LEED® Gold Certification.

Her laboratory projects at Harvard and Rice Universities incorporate the latest concepts in multi-disciplinary scientific research and the use of space and technology to facilitate further collaboration and the spontaneous generation of new ideas. Her recently completed UCSF Sandler Neurosciences Center building will facilitate a high level of interaction between outstanding neuroscientists, physician-scientists and patients – focused on the common goal of eradicating neurological diseases. Carrie and her colleagues are now working on an advanced Teaching and Learning Center for UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.