Lois Gottlieb

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Dates of Birth and Death

b. November 13, 1926


  • Stanford University, B.A. (1947)
  • Taliesin fellow (1948-1949)
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design (1950)


  • Warren Callister, Architect, San Fransisco, CA
  • Lois Davidson, CA
  • Partnership with Jane Duncombe (1954-56), San Francisco, CA
  • Lois D. Gottlieb (residential design, landscape design, contracting)

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California, Idaho, Washington, interiors, residential


Early life and education

Lois Davidson was born in San Francisco, California on November 13, 1926. She was interested in engineering and art and decided studying architecture would match her interests.

Career in Architecture

Gottlieb traveled with her husband, Robert, a violist and music teacher, teaching architecture in countries as far away as India, Thailand, Nepal, and Austria. Gottilieb worked as an architect while raising two children: a daughter and son, Karen, and Mark.  One of Gottlieb’s greatest projects was designing a house with her son, Mark. The Mark and Sharon Gottlieb Residence took over three years to complete, with the whole Gottlieb family working on the construction.

Major Buildings and Projects

  • Val-Goeshen Residence, Inverness, CA (1951)
  • Robert S. Gottlieb Residence, San Francisco, CA (1955)
  • Robert S. Gottlieb Residence, Riverside, CA (1964)
  • Mackey Residence, Riverside, CA (1966)
  • Beals Residence, Riverside, CA (1967)
  • Hansen House, Seattle, WA (1978)
  • Lynn House, Ketchum, Idaho (1980)
  • Harrah Energy Efficient House, Sedona, Arizona (1981)
  • Mark and Sharon Gottlieb Residence, Fairfax Station, VA (1991)
  • See IAWA link for further list of projects


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Gottlieb, Lois Davidson (2001). A Way of Life: An Apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright. Australia: The Images Publishing Group.

Institutional Affiliations

Fellow of the American Institute of Architects