Jakovcev, Magda

Magda Jakovcev

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Dates of Birth and Death

January 8, 1956-July 16, 2004


Zadar, Croatia


  • University of Zagreb, 1980
  • Graduate School of Architecture University of Utah, 1983

Years of practice

1983–2004 (estimated)


  • FFKR
  • SOM
  • Jackovcev Architects

Professional organizations

  • Joined AIA in 1987


California, Utah, interiors


Early life and education

Born and raised in Zadar, Croatia, Magda graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Zagreb in Croatia. She moved to Salt Lake City in 1980 with her husband, Ivan Mirkovic, to complete her graduate studies at the University of Utah.

Major Buildings and Projects

Unspecified, worked in San Francisco and Salt Lake City

Institutional Affiliations

University of Utah