Lautner, Vida Cathleen

Vida Cathleen Lautner

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  • Northern State Normal School (now Northern Michigan University), 1906, 1924

Location of architect’s archive

DeVos Museum, Northern Michigan University

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John Lautner Sr., Parson's School of Design, School of Fine and Applied Arts, The New School, interiors, residential


Early life and education

Vida Gallagher moved to Marquette from Cheboygan as a teenager to attend school and help care for her sister’s children. Vida graduated from Northern with a teaching certificate in 1906 and a B.A. in 1924, where she also met John Lautner, Sr. The couple was married in Houghton in 1907. Their first child, John Jr., was born in 1911 and their second child, Cathleen, was born in 1915.

Major Buildings and Projects

Middle Island Point cabin, Michigan 1927

Institutional Affiliations

Northern Michigan University, Parson’s School of Design