McKinney, Heather

Heather McKinney

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  • University of Pennsylvania – Master of Architecture
  • Stanford University – Bachelor of Arts, Mechanical Engineering


  • McKinney York Architects


Austin, Texas, commercial, institutional, residential


Career in Architecture

As Founding Principal of McKinney York Architects, Heather McKinney has been the guiding force behind the firm’s award-winning architecture for over 30 years.  In elevating Ms. McKinney to fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, the fellows cited her “cultivated restraint, elegance, and aesthetic maturity” noting that she creates “memorable places by drawing out the silent qualities of elemental forms.” The results, they said, are an architecture that is timeless.  In addition to her design contributions, Ms. McKinney has for decades devoted her talents to cultivating the architectural profession, most recently as the 2010 President of the  6,500 member Texas Society of Architects.

Institutional Affiliations

AIA Austin, President 1993
Texas Society of Architects, President 2010