Rysdale, Barbara Anne

Barbara Anne Rysdale

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Dates of Birth and Death

1920 – 2017

Years of practice

1949–2017 (estimated)


  • Rysdale Associates (AZ, NM)
  • Barbara N Rysdale AIA (FL)

Professional organizations

  • Licensed in 1949
  • Joined AIA in 1969

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Architect associated with the design of eight homes, Barbara “Niki” Rysdale, is the only woman architect responsible for designing homes in El Encanto Estates. She was born in Tucson on September 1, 1920, attended Tucson High School and graduated from the University of Arizona in 1949 with a Baccalaureate of Fine Arts with a Minor in Engineering since the University did not offer an architecture degree at the time. After serving the U.S. Navy during World War II, she went to the University of Washington (Seattle) for her Master’s of Architecture, before returning to Tucson and starting a practice in architecture.

Rysdale’s early work was primarily in designing residences. She designed homes in Highland Manor, Palo Alto Village, Colonia Solana, and the Country Club Estates. Later commercial structures she designed include the Rosemont and Broadway shopping center. She was responsible for the remodeling of Rhodes Jewelry Company as well. Rysdale designed eight homes in El Encanto. The homes at 115 Calla Resplandor, 1955 (#5), 105 Calla Resplandor, 1951 (#6), 95 Calla Resplandor, 1951 (#8), 65 Calla Resplandor, 1950 (#107), 55 N. Camino Miramonte, 1951 (#113), 40 E. Calla de Amistad, 1954 (#114), 3227 E. Broadway, 1950 (#137), and the home at 109 Camino Espanol, 1961 (#162) were all designed by Rysdale.

Rysdale had one daughter.  She currently lives and practices in Florida (as of September 1, 2011).

Firm size: 105 (Rysdale Associates)

Major Buildings and Projects

  • Gila County Courthouse 1976 Globe, Arizona
  • Pinal County Administration Buildings Florence, Arizona
  • Small Shopping Center McClintock / University Tempe Arizona
  • 8 houses in Encanto Neighborhood, Tucson, Arizona