Martine De Maeseneer

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  • architect : Sint Lucas, Ghent (Belgium)
  • arch.M.Sc. : Barlett, University College London

Years of practice



  • Martine De Maeseneer Architects

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Belgium, Brussels, commercial, industrial, institutional, interiors, residential


Career in Architecture

Martine De Maeseneer Architects [MDMA] has been around for two decades of practicing, theorizing and teaching within an international forum of schools, colloquia and competitions. Two books appeared in conjunction with individual exhibitions: ‘The Indivisible Space’, Antwerp (1993) and ‘Ideality-3-Lost’, Brussels (1997).

Essays published (with such titles as ‘Aperitif Time’, ‘What Matters’ and ‘Parsing Traps’) have been adding up as chapters in a more substantial yet unpublished book. From 2001 to 2003 De Maeseneer took up a teaching job at the AA in London. Within the practice there is a continuous search for an expanded field of patterns, motives, logos, plots, timbres – trying to give architecture a countenance that draws upon ‘writing’. Ironically so, the choice made from the onset to theorize in a tradition of Venturi-Scott Brown, Aldo Rossi and Rem Koolhaas has refrained MDMA from building a lot. In 2011 the Bronks Theatre in Brussels was one of the six finalists in the European Mies van der Rohe Prize.

Major Buildings and Projects


– AS Watson’s Headquarters : Extension of an existing skyscraper with two extra levels, Hong Kong. Feasability study plus design (Jan 2006), realisation : on hold

– 12.000 m2 housing and office scheme in the city of Lommel, Belgium (July 2004). Building permission : in progress.

– ‘Banlieu-Beaulieu’, tunnel wall cladding design, Brussels, Belgium (2004), project

– ‘Canopé’ house, 600m2 house plus garden flat in a rural landscape, Belgium (2002). Realisation: 2005-2009

  • Separatrix building, Housing scheme on a canal for Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands (Oct 2000), project design & feasibility study & tender.
  • New Dutch Police Museum, first prize limited competion organized by the Dutch Government Architect.

– project 1 at Apeldoorn (August  1999)

– project 2, feasibility study plus design for 3 different sites (Feb 2003) : the former military domain Hembrug site (Zaandam, Amsterdam); an old construction hall on the ship wharf at Heyplaat, Rotterdam; Sports and recreation site, Apeldoorn. Realisation: on hold

  • Logos/Glossy/Glottis. Reconversion of Olympus Headquarters Belgium in the IT-firm ‘Erudict’ at Brussels (Aug 1998), realisation: Feb 1999 – Feb 2000

– Passe-Partout house, 4 Canal houses on the Java-Island in Amsterdam (Feb 1993). Realisation: 1998-99

Entries to various limited competitions in Europe, counting in:

The Embassy of Qatar in Brussels (May 2007); ‘Golden Mile’ cityscape on the north pole circle, with theatre, shopping & leisure mall, hotel and administrative towers, Hammerfest, Norway (2004); a Roman Archaeology Museum in Tongeren, Belgium (Sept 2003); The ‘Wasserstadt’ project for terrace houses, Berlin (Oct-Dec 2000).