Nielsen, Signe

Signe Nielsen

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  • Urban Planning, Smith College
  • Landscape Architecture, City College of New York
  • Construction Management, Pratt Institute

Years of practice



CCNY, FASLA, New York, New York City, Pratt, Smith, Urban Design, landscape architecture


Career in Architecture

Signe Nielsen has been practicing as a landscape architect and urban designer in New York since 1978. Her body of work has renewed the environmental integrity and transformed the quality of spaces for those who live, work and play in the urban realm.  A Fellow of the ASLA, she is the recipient of over 100 national and local design awards for public open space projects and is published extensively in national and international publications. Ms Nielsen is a Professor of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at Pratt Institute in both the Graduate and Undergraduate Schools of Architecture and currently serves as President for the Public Design Commission of the City of New York.  Born in Paris, Ms. Nielsen holds degrees in Urban Planning from Smith College; in Landscape Architecture from City College of New York; and in and in Construction Management from Pratt Institute.

Institutional Affiliations

Smith College, City College of New York, Pratt Institute