Ryan, Ida Annah

Ida Annah Ryan

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Dates of Birth and Death

November 4, 1883-1960


Waltham, Massachusetts


  • BA- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1905)
  • M.Arch- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1906)

Years of practice

1911–1929 (estimated)


  • Principal, private practice, Waltham, MA
  • Practice with Florence Luscomb, MA (1909-1912?)
  • Ryan and Roberts, Orlando, FL (1918-1930s)

Professional organizations

  • Joined AIA in 1921

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Early Life and Education

Ida Annah Ryan was born on November 4, 1883 in Waltham, MA. While a student at MIT, Ryan won many awards for her writings and work. Ryan was the first woman to graduate from MIT with a Master’s degree. With a degree in architecture, she applied to the AIA first in 1907. She would again apply in 1921 with success.

Career In Architecture

Ryan began working as an architect upon graduation from MIT, starting her own firm. She partnered with fellow MIT graduate Florence Luscomb (class of 1909) and practiced until the start of World War I. During the war, Ryan became the acting superintendent of the Public Building Dept. in her hometown of Waltham, MA, a position she held from 1912-1913. In 1915 she began practicing in Nashua, NH, with a partner whose name is unknown. In 1917, she moved to the Orlando, FL, area, where she began lengthy partnership with Isabel Roberts. In the firm of Ryan and Roberts, Ryan was listed as architect and Roberts listed as landscape architect “in charge of architectural development,” due to Roberts’ lack of licensing. Ryan quit the AIA after 8 years.

Major Buildings and Projects

  • Amherst Apartments, Orlando, FL (1921-22)
    • demolished in 1986, 325 West Colonial Drive, Orlando
  • Matilda A. Fraser Residence, Orlando, FL (1929)
  • The Veterans Memorial Library, St. Cloud, FL (1920’s)
    • 1012 Massachusetts Ave., St. Cloud
  • The Chapel at Fisk Funeral Home, St. Cloud, FL (1920’s)
    • 1107-1111 Massachusetts Avenue, St. Cloud

Press and Awards

  • Architecture’s Travelling Fellowship – 1906, one year, for “Pantheon and Home for Soldiers and Sailors”

Institutional Affiliations

AIA (1921-1929)