83 architects in practice during the year 1936
Gidoni, Elsa Mandelstamm
Active between 1928 and 1967
Gillespie, Helen Chittenden
Active between 1933 and 1963 in New York
Griffin, Marion Mahony
Also known as Marion Mahony
Active between 1894 and 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Australia, India
Harrison, Dorothy Gray
Also known as Dorothy D. Gray
Active between 1935 and 1965 in California, Michigan
Helwick, Lottie B.
Active between 1932 and 1962 in Ohio
Holmes, Beulah
Active between 1922 and 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi
Homsey, Victorine du Pont
Active between 1934 and 1964 in Delaware, District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.
Hooper, Janet Estelle
Also known as J.E. Hooper
Active between 1933 and 1969 in Louisiana
Hutchins, Mary Alice
Active between 1936 and 1966 in Hawaii, Oregon
Kinne, Elizabeth Pennock
Active between 1936 and 1966 in Oregon, Wisconsin
Lambie, Edla Muir
Also known as Edla Muir
Active between 1935 and 1971 in California, Washington
League, Ellamae Ellis
Also known as Ellamae Ellis
Active between 1922 and 1975 in Georgia
Leland, Louise
Active between 1928 and 1956 in Kentucky
Lewis, Margaret Mary Davidge
Active between 1936 and 1992 in Massachusetts
Logan, Miriam Frank
Active between 1936 and 1960 in Texas
Manley, Marion I.
Active between 1916 and 1957 in Miami, Florida
Martini, Elisabeth A.
Active between 1933 and 1945 in Michigan
Mead, Marcia
Active between 1908 and 1968 in New York
Meredith, Amaza Lee
Active between 1930 and 1958 in Virginia, Texas, New York
Milligan, Carina Eaglesfield
Also known as Carina Eaglesfield Mortimer
Active between 1920 and 1978 in Connecticut
Morgan, Julia
Active between 1902 and 1951
Morrow, Gertrude
Also known as Gertrude Comfort
Active between 1912 and 1952 in San Francisco, California
Nedved, Elizabeth Kimball
Active between 1917 and 1969 in Illinois
Nichols, Minerva
Also known as Minerva Parker
Active between 1890 and 1939
Northman, Edith Mortensen
Active between 1935 and 1952 in California