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Barney, Carol Ross
Active between 1965 and 1995 in Chicago, Illinois
Brown, Louise Harris
Also known as Louise Harris, Georgia Louise Harris
Active between 1945 and 1993 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chicago, Illinois
Gang, Jeanne
Active in Chicago, Illinois
Greene, Beverly
Also known as Beverly L. Greene, Beverly Loraine Greene
Active in Chicago, Illinois, New York
Gustafson, Kathryn
Active in London, Seattle, Washington
Hatfield, Erleen
Active in New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln, Nebraska
Keane, Linda
Also known as Linda Nelson, Linda Lee Keane, Linda Nelson Keane
Active in Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kim, Grace H.
Active in Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois
Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl
Also known as Sibylle Pietzsch
Active in Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, San Francisco, California