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Balmori, Diana
Active between 1980 and 2016
Barney, Nora
Also known as Nora Stanton Blatch Barney
Active in New York, Connecticut
Behrens, Helen F.
Active between 1963 and 1993 in Connecticut
Bentel, Maria A.
Also known as Maria-Luise Ramona Azzarone
Active between 1950 and 2000 in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia
Burbank, Gertrude S.
Active between 1953 and 1967 in Connecticut
Chafee, Judith Davidson
Also known as Judith Davidson Bloom (maiden name)
Active between 1966 and 1998 in Connecticut, New York, Arizona
Geddis, Barbara L.
Active between 1967 and 1997 in Connecticut
Greenwald, Audrey
Active between 1961 and 1991 in Connecticut
Harpman, Louise
Active in Austin, Texas, New York CIty, New York
Isenberg, Marian Ellenbogen
Active between 1957 and 1987 in Connecticut
Jackson, Nancy Morrison
Active between 1962 and 1992 in Connecticut
Jay, Mary Rutherfurd
Active in New York
Kalita, Athena Z.
Active between 1959 and 1989 in Connecticut, Massachusetts
Kittas, Elizabeth Boggs
Active between 1958 and 1988 in California, Connecticut
Kleeman, Joan
Active between 1968 and 1998 in Connecticut
Lawrence, Aline Helen
Active between 1957 and 1987 in Connecticut
Lyon, Virginia S.
Active between 1957 and 1987 in Connecticut, New York
Margolis, Estelle T.
Active between 1967 and 1997 in Connecticut
Matthews, Sharon Carter
Also known as Sharon Ann Carter
Active in Atlanta, Georgia, New Haven, Connecticut, Northfield, Vermont, Boston, Massachusetts
Milligan, Carina Eaglesfield
Also known as Carina Eaglesfield Mortimer
Active between 1920 and 1978 in Connecticut
Olson, Phyllis Verzelle
Active between 1958 and 1988 in Connecticut
Parker, Julia
Active in Connecticut, Illinois
Pfeiffer, Alberta
Active between 1923 and 1977 in Connecticut, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin
Reese, Ilse Meissner
Also known as Ilse M. Reese
Active between 1941 and 2006 in Connecticut, New York
Renshaw, Larch Campbell
Active between 1929 and 1964 in Connecticut