112 architects in practice during the 2010s
Diamond, Katherine (Kate)
Active in Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Israel
Dietrich, Kathy A.
Also known as Kathy A. Bevis, Kathy Dietrich Bevis
Active in Vancouver, Washington
Dry, Carolyn

Falcon, Teresita
Active in Florida
Georgopulos, Diane
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Gerod, Debra
Also known as Debra Gerod, FAIA
Active in Los Angeles, California
Giesecke, Christa
Active in New York
Godiers, Audrey Jean
Active in Atlanta, Georgia
Gustafson, Kathryn
Active in London, Seattle, Washington
Guthrie, Danelle
Active in California, Michigan
Guttman, Maureen
Also known as Maureen Garrity

Hamlin, Diane Elaine
Also known as Diane Stayton
Active in Los Angeles, California
Harpman, Louise
Active in Austin, Texas, New York CIty, New York
Harries, Kersten
Active in New York City, New York, Providence, Rhode Island, Raleigh, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Milan, Italy
Hart, Jacquelyn
Also known as Jacquelyn Overbey
Active in New York City, New York, Atlanta, Georgia, Sawyerville, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama
Hassett, Valerie
Active in Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, Alexandria, Virginia
Hatfield, Erleen
Active in New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln, Nebraska
Haviaras, Gail
Also known as Gail Flynn (maiden name)
Active in Massachusetts
Hillier, Barbara
Active in Princeton, New Jersey
Hooper, Lyn
Also known as Lyn Margaret Travis Hooper
Active in Montana, Woodland, California
Hopkins, Arlene
Active in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, California
Keane, Linda
Also known as Linda Nelson, Linda Lee Keane, Linda Nelson Keane
Active in Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Active in Brooklyn, New York
Kim, Grace H.
Active in Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois
King, Susan F.
Active in Illinois