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Rice, Lilian Jeannette
Active between 1921 and 1938 in Rancho Santa Fe, California
Riddle, Theodate Pope
Also known as Theodate Pope, Effie Pope
Active between 1890 and 1946 in Connecticut, New York
Riley, Ronnette
Active in New York City, New York
Rodriguez, Susan
Active in New York, Connecticut
Rolph, Tania
Active in North Dakota
Royal, Kristine C.
Active in Newport, Rhode Island
Rupp, Sigrid Lorenzen
Also known as Sigrid Lorenzen
Active between 1976 and 1998 in Palo Alto, California
Ryan, Ida Annah
Active between 1911 and 1929 in Orlando, Florida
Sejima, Kazuyo

Selldorf, Annabelle M.
Active in New York City, New York
Shaffer, Kathryn Marsh
Also known as Kathy Shaffer, Kathryn Ann Marsh
Active in Sausalito, California, Connecticut, Maryland
Sherrill, Kathleen Patricia Starghill
Active in Pikesville, Maryland
Singer, Julija
Also known as Julija Petrovic
Active in Glastonbury, Connecticut
Slattery, Amy

Small, Maia
Also known as Maia Thurlow Small
Active in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Smith, Chloethiel Woodard
Also known as Chloethiel Woodard
Active between 1933 and 1983 in District of Columbia, Virginia, Missouri, Maryland, New York, Bolivia, Paraguay, Pennsylvania, Canada, Washington, D.C.
Smith, Sylvia
Active in New York
Sorg, Suman
Active in Washington, D.C., District of Columbia
Stencel, Jen
Also known as Jennifer Stencel
Active in New York City, New York, Orlando, Florida
Taylor, Melanie
Also known as "Palladia"
Active in New Haven, Connecticut, Nassau, Bahamas, Florida
Tien, Diane
Active in Pennsylvania, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Boston, Massachusetts
Twombly, Ursula
Active in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tyrwhitt, (Mary) Jacqueline
Active between 1924 and 1983 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Toronto, Canada, Greece, London, UK
Urness, Cindy
Active in North Dakota
Van Lengen, Karen
Active in Charlottesville, Virginia