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Asken, Yvonne Estelle Warner
Active between 1963 and 1993 in Michigan
Aulenti, Gae
Also known as Gaetana Aulenti
Active between 1954 and 2012
Austin, Alice Constance
Active between 1898 and 1928 in California
Ayer, Elizabeth
Active between 1930 and 1970 in New York, Washington
Barney, Nora
Also known as Nora Stanton Blatch Barney
Active in New York, Connecticut
Beha, Ann Macy
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Berke, Deborah
Active in New York
Berry, Kathryn McGraw
Active in New York City, New York
Bethune, Louise Blanchard
Also known as Jennie Louise Blanchard Bethune
Active between 1878 and 1904 in Buffalo, New York
Binder, Rebecca
Active in Los Angeles, California
Boddewyn, Michele
Active in New York City, New York
Bollack, Françoise
Also known as Françoise Astorg Bollack
Active in New York City, New York
Braverman, Louise
Active in New York
Brierly, Cornelia
Active in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scottsdale, Arizona
Brudno, Ann E.
Active between 1972 and 1981 in Texas, Utah, Washington, British Columbia, Canada
Brunson, Emma
Active between 1906 and 1968 in Minnesota
Burns, Carol
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Burns, Tamara
Active in Michigan
Chafee, Judith Davidson
Also known as Judith Davidson Bloom (maiden name)
Active between 1966 and 1998 in Connecticut, New York, Arizona
Cloud, Lea
Active in New York City, New York
Cobb, Ann Margaretta
Also known as Margaretta Raeburn, Annie M. Cobb, Mrs. S. C. Cobb
Active between 1853 and 1905 in Newton Highlands, South Boston, Massachusetts
Coit, Elisabeth
Active between 1919 and 1987 in New York, Virginia
Cole, Doris
Active in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Comerio, Mary
Active in California
Craig, Mary McLaughlin
Also known as Mrs. James Osborne Craig, Mary Craig, Mary McLaughlin Craig
Active between 1922 and 1956 in Santa Barbara, California