104 architects in practice during the year 2012
Aulenti, Gae
Also known as Gaetana Aulenti
Active between 1954 and 2012
Balmori, Diana

Bausman, Karen
Active in New York City, New York
Beha, Ann Macy
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Benjamin, Sandra
Also known as Sandra Weinberg Benjamin
Active in New York
Berke, Deborah
Active in New York
Berry, Kathryn McGraw
Active in New York City, New York
Binder, Rebecca
Active in Los Angeles, California
Bizios, Georgia
Active between 1971 and 2020 in Durham, North Carolina
Blake-Drucker, Bonnie
Active in California, Illinois
Bollack, Françoise
Also known as Françoise Astorg Bollack
Active in New York City, New York
Braitmayer, Karen
Active in Washington
Brown, Larissa
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Brown, Sarah Semple
Active in Denver, Colorado
Burns, Carol
Active in Boston, Massachusetts
Burns, Tamara
Active in Michigan
Campas, Anna
Also known as Anna Birdsey
Active between 1972 and 2013 in Albany, New York
Chronister, Lisa M.
Active in New York, Oklahoma
Cloud, Lea
Active in New York City, New York
Cole, Doris
Active in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Comerio, Mary
Active in California
Conn, Susan
Also known as Susan Sakiyabu
Active in New York, Los Angeles, California
De Maeseneer, Martine
Active in Brussels, Belgium
Diamond, Katherine (Kate)
Active in Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Israel
Dietrich, Kathy A.
Also known as Kathy A. Bevis, Kathy Dietrich Bevis
Active in Vancouver, Washington